March 23, 4pm - 11:30pm is a community of pixel artists focused on self-improvement and helping others. Every year we host an Art Jam at GDC to be creative and socialize with pixel artists and other creative types from around the world. Bring your art gear and join the fun!

: Friday March 23, 4pm - 11:30pm

We start as GDC is winding down, beginning at around 4pm, and we carry on until our hard stop at 11:30. If you're still around by then, we'd appreciate some help cleaning up.

: 750 Natoma st. San Francisco, CA

Natoma is an alley spanning several streets in SOMA, a short walk from Civic Center BART stop. The block you're looking for has a Burger King drive-thru at one end. Ring the doorbell (or knock REALLY LOUDLY) to be let in.

While the Art Jam is free, if you plan to eat at the event we ask you to donate at least $5. All donations will be used to order Pizza. We run on the honor system and aren't tracking this. If you plan to eat more, or just want to help out, feel free to donate more. If you can't afford it, no worries, we just wait to make sure everyone else already had some first.

  • 4pm Lets get jammin

  • 6pm Pizza

  • 8pm Hexquisite Reveal

  • 11pm Nidhogg Tournament